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Our mission is to inspire and educate young minds through hands-on learning that they will never forget. We strengthen science education through exciting discoveries in every program we offer. Through building, experimenting, entertainment, and more, your little scientists will participate in programs that allow them to become familiar with concepts in a visual and interactive manner. We want our participants to, above all,  HAVE FUN in learning. These kids will learn useful skills they will find helpful as they grow into young members of society and be a part of an experience that they will never forget!

Children in Science Class

“I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.”


Boy in Costume Party

Super Science Birthday Parties

In-Person OR Virtual Options

Our Virtual option offers hands-on science for up to 10 households and our In-Person option is anywhere from 1-30 kids!

We offer a cool science show, hands-on science fun for your little scientist, AND custom party invites. Plus a lot more!

Our Campaigns

What We Believe In

Image by Hal Gatewood
Image by Alex Kondratiev
Science Courses


Advocacy is an essential pillar of our Education Movement. There is strength in numbers, and we work to inform and encourage others to get excited about science.


As a large movement of activists, Outreach is close to our hearts. We believe that the best solutions for society come from within, and make it our mission to build awareness so that this is a possibility across the globe.


Science Alliance has built an environment of support and helpful resources to make sure that Partnership is always a priority. Our success is driven by the hearts, minds, and souls of our community. Come and join us.

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