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Super Science Birthday Parties




See what you get with our science experiment themes!


Book with Science Alliance and let the fun begin!

Science Experiment Themes

  • Crazy Explosions (suggested ages 6+)

Each Child will experience a hands on chemical reaction experiment that results in and exposition created from pressure build up.

  • Dry Ice Potions

Each child will create their own colorful potion with

dry ice to create a bubbling caldron effect.

  • Elephant Toothpaste (suggested ages 6+)

Each child will experience a chemical reaction by combining substances that create a toothpaste type texture that expands up and out of their container. 

  • Lava Lamps

Each child will create their own lava lamp! watch

the lava move in your own container.

  • Magic Scuba Divers

Each child will learn this cool magic trick! using

a bottle and a "magic diver," they will have a cool

trick to show their friends and family.

  • Raging Rockets

Each child will make their own rockets and give them a launch to see which rocket goes the highest!

  • Slime Time

Each child will make their own slime using any

combination of small foam balls and coloring to

create their own look.

*Travel fee not included: $25 per round trip*

Packages We Offer

In-Person Options


$235 (1-10 kids)

                  Basic Package:

  • Hands-on science activity

  • Custom party invitation design sent to you to be edited and distributed

$265 for 11-20 kids

$295 for 21-30 kids


$285 (1-10 kids)

Basic Package PLUS:

  • 30-minute interactive show

$325 for 11-20 kids

$365 for 21-30 kids




$335 (1-10 kids)

Standard Package PLUS:

  • Make and take activity

  • includes the Add On ($50 value)

$385 for 11-20 kids

$435 for 21-30 kids


Custom Party Invites

Design sent to you to be edited, printed and distributed

Add On

Additional Fee of



Everyone Gets a Ride


Virtual Options

Led by one of our fun Science Guru's to really "shake up" your party!

Virtual Option


(1-10 households)


*Email or Call for more details

60-minute Science Experience

  • 60 minute fun hands-on science experiment using common household items

         (list for experiment sent prior to birthday time)

  • Invitation sent through Zoom

  • We always end our virtual birthdays with a cool experiment to WOW the party participants!


Add On

additional fee of


Custom Invitations sent to your contact to be

printed, edited and distributed





Contact Science Alliance and schedule your special and socially distant celebration today!

60-minute Science Experience

  • Interactive science show

  • Hands-on science activity

  • Custom party invitations

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